A judge awards her a footstool, blue chest, pillows, pink bedding and other items

By Mike Fleeman
July 19, 2007 03:00 PM
Chad Buchanan/Getty

To the victor goes the footstool – and the blue painted chest, pillows from Bali, yellow armchair, floor lamp and pink bedding.

So says a judge, who ruled Tuesday that Anne Heche may keep some of her furniture and linens in the bitter divorce battle between the Men in Trees star and her estranged husband Coley Laffoon.

Laffoon, 33, had accused Heche, 38, of taking a number of items from the Los Angeles house they’ve been using alternately while Heche has been in town.

Heche countered that she needs the items to furnish her place in Canada, where she started filming her ABC show this month. She said that “for months” she’s been asking Laffoon what he wants to keep and “he has not responded.”

So, she took what she had purchased before their marriage. “I intend to use them in my Vancouver residence,” she wrote in court papers. “I do not intend to dispose of any of these items.”

Superior Court Judge Frederick C. Shaller allowed her to keep the items, but also ruled that Laffoon may have “temporary exclusive use and occupancy of the residence” until it’s sold or until a further court ruling.