By Sean Daly
Updated August 17, 2004 06:00 AM

Having a wardrobe worthy of royalty was “delightful,” but Princess Diaries 2 star Anne Hathaway is just as happy being a college kid who’s worn her share of flannel. “It was a bit conservative,” the 21-year-old actress and Vassar student says of the ball gowns and jewels she wears during her second time around as Princess Mia of Genovia. Hathaway, on a break from filming the western Brokeback Mountain with Jake Gyllenhaal, recently chatted about donning the tiara again, being mesmerized by costar Julie Andrews and seeing the film’s crew cry like babies.

Did you want to wear the tiara to the premiere?
No. The initial thrill of wearing them is great, but after eight hours a day for four months, you get sick of tiaras. Because there are only certain hairstyles you can do with them. And you are finally like, “Okay, I am tired of looking 12.”

How much of your jewelry in the movie was fake?
It was all real. All from Chopard. And I didn’t get to keep a piece of it.

What was the most expensive piece you wore?
I was told that the engagement ring, now that it has been in the film, was priceless. And during the coronation scene, I wore this ginormous, kind of rocked out necklace, which Sharon Osbourne later wore to the Oscars. And I went up to her and said, “You are wearing my necklace …” And she said, “No, dah-ling, it is Chopard’s.” (Laughs) But then I believe they turned it into a tiara that is worth about $3 million.

Was it uncomfortable to be responsible for all those valuables?
Well, no. The guard with the gun made me most uncomfortable. But he was really nice. His name was Steven.

You got to be one of the first to hear Julie Andrews sing again.
Yes I was. How jealous are you? It was such a wonderful day. I remember I wasn’t feeling very well that day and then she started singing and all of a sudden energy levels soared. … The entire crew was in tears. Three-hundred-pound grips sniffling. And I felt especially special because I was the girl she was singing to.

You’re becoming a huge star now. What’s the ride been like?
I am pretty lucky because the biggest inconvenience is I cannot go to family restaurants anymore. I haven’t done anything offensive that would make people want to come up to me and tell me anything I don’t want to hear. Usually it is people coming up to me and telling me how much they love my work. Usually it is kids asking for hugs. Life doesn’t get much cuter than that