She's moving forward after her breakup with a positive attitude and buzzed-about performance in Rachel Getting Married

By Oliver Jones
September 17, 2008 03:55 PM
Christopher Peterson/BuzzFoto

After her breakup with boyfriend Raffaello Follieri, Anne Hathaway is moving on with a fresh perspective and a positive attitude.

“Everything that has happened to me, good and bad, I feel has happened for a reason,” Hathaway told reporters at the Sept. 15 press day for her new film, the family drama Rachel Getting Married.

Adds Hathaway, “I’ve been made stronger from the good stuff and much, much stronger from the bad stuff.”

The actress endured her share of “bad stuff” this summer when her longtime boyfriend, Follieri, was arrested in June on fraud and money laundering charges. He plead guilty to the charges last week.

In the aftermath, Hathaway told W magazine in its October issue that she spent a week holed up in a friend’s house “in shock” before throwing herself into promoting Get Smart.

“I don’t want to put anything in a drawer but I do want to let things rest and heal,” Hathaway says.

The actress is currently getting praise for her turn as an unhinged sister of the bride in Rachel Getting Married, which is already garnering Oscar buzz for The Devil Wears Prada star.

Having been through her share of ups and downs lately, Hathaway has been careful to keep that type of talk in perspective.

“I’ve never done anything that warranted that before or garnered it so I’m enjoying having my work enjoyed,” she says. “Ultimately the buzz doesn’t matter until the nominations come out so I’m not really thinking about too much.”

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