Funny or Die imagined what Coppola's upcoming live-action version would look like


Curious about Sofia Coppola’s live-action version of The Little Mermaid? Look no further than Funny or Die’s spot-on spoof.

AnnaSophia Robb takes on the role of Ariel in the website’s hilarious video, and she’s got all the trappings of Coppola’s Bling Ring teens: oversized headphones, killer shades and a shell cell phone to text her BFF Flounder

As moody hipster music plays and neon text jumps on screen, Prince Eric (Evan Peters) lounges poolside at the “Shelltau Marmont” – a sly nod to 2010’s Somewhere. Smoking like a chimney and wearing a cardboard crown worthy of Burger King, Peters is just the kind of rich bad boy a modern mermaid lusts after.

“There’s something fishy about you,” he whispers huskily.

Watch Ariel hit the L.A. club scene (karaoke is involved) in the video below.

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