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May 26, 2016 04:40 PM

Anna Victoria is proving that it’s possible to have “bad angles,” even with a six-pack.

The fitness social media personality shared a revealing pre-wedding selfie on Instagram that now has over 62,000 likes. The split screen shows one image of her standing up straight with her toned tummy on full display, contrasted with a photo of herself sitting down, in which she appears to have stomach rolls.

“Picture on the left was taken one day before the wedding and the picture on the right was taken… 2 minutes after!” Anna Victoria captioned the side-by-side photos.

“Someone recently said to me that we all have our good angles and we all have our bad angles, so why do we let our bad angles carry so much more weight than our good angles?” she continued. “If you focus on how bad you look in the bad angles, at least focus on how good you look in the good ones too!!”

The Fit Body Guides founder has received tons of supportive comments for sharing such an honest photograph.

“This makes me feel better,” wrote one commenter.

“She’s such an inspiration,” shared another.

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This isn’t the first time Victoria has posted a photo showing what her body really looks like. In January, she shared a photo on Instagram of herself with her stomach exposed while sitting on the floor with a foam roller.

“I want you to know having skin fold over on your stomach when you sit or to have ‘rolls’ is not anything to hate or be ashamed of,” she posted at the time. “Your stomach does not have to be perfectly flat to be healthy, your stomach does not have to be perfectly flat to be confident and beautiful and an all-around amazing person.”

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