Anna Nicole Smith's Big Legal Fees

In a probate dispute, former Playboy Playmate of the year Anna Nicole Smith, 33, will have to pay $500,000 in her stepson’s legal fees, Texas Judge Mike Wood ruled Tuesday. The decision was part of the jurist’s attempt to wrap up a six-year fight over the oil fortune of Smith’s late husband, oil billionaire J. Howard Marshall II. Judge Wood also ordered Smith to pay part of $1.2 million in court costs resulting from her fight with her stepson, Pierce Marshall, 63, over the estate. Smith was 26, some 63 years younger than the wheelchair-bound tycoon, when the two wed after he first met her at a Houston strip club. He died in 1995. Pierce Marshall, who has labeled his stepmother a golddigger who milked his father out of $7 million in cash and merchandise, called Tuesday’s decision a victory, reports Reuters. Smith had dropped the case midtrial after a bankruptcy judge in Los Angeles awarded her $475 million from the estate. Another federal judge is reviewing that decision on appeal from Pierce Marshall.

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