Anna Faris's Advice for Embarrassing Situations: Grin and Bear It

The Observe and Report star laughs off odd comments from fans and uncomfortable moments

Photo: Mark Abrahams

Anna Faris has the perfect solution for dealing with challenging situations: Find the humor in everything.

“I’m embarrassed on almost a daily basis,” Faris, 32, tells Self magazine for its April issue. “You sort of have to suck it up sometimes.”

Take, for instance, when fans approach The House Bunny star. Often, she says, the conversations are less than tactful.

“They say stuff like, ‘You’re so much shorter in person,’ ” Faris says. “Or ‘Oh, my god, you look just like that girl, but you are a lot prettier than she is.’ “

“You have to grin and bear it,” Faris says, revealing her optimistic approach. “I might say in return, ‘I know I looked skinnier in The House Bunny, but thanks to my diet of beer and doughnuts, I’m back to my fightin’ weight!'”

Strict Upbringing

The funny actress, who will soon star alongside Seth Rogen in Observe and Report, says she had to develop her sense of humor over the years after being raised in a strict environment with conservative parents.

“Anything with a V-neck was forbidden,” she says of her regimented childhood.

In fact, Faris still strives for her parents’ approval. “Even though I’m now in my 30s, I still have my parents sort of haunting me to ‘Act appropriate’ and ‘have good manners,’ ” she says, noting that she’s found a way to deal with the issue.

“I buy my mom off,” Faris jokes. “With the Scary Movies, I started giving her Louis Vuitton handbags. Then it was like, ‘How am I going to top this?’ ”

“Now she wants a villa in Tuscany,” she says. “I’ve created a monster!”

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