Anna Faris Wants a Margarita-Filled Wedding

The actress tells PEOPLE the ceremony must be intimate, drama-free and fun

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Besides the bride, the groom and the officiant, what’s the most important thing at a wedding?

When it’s the wedding of Observe and Report star Anna Faris, it’s the Margaritas.

“We’re thinking something really sort of low key for sure,” Faris, 32, tells PEOPLE about her wedding plans, joking that it might be Mexican-themed. “Something that involves a lot of Margaritas, maybe!”

The bride-to-be, who in January confirmed her engagement to Bride Wars star Chris Pratt, 29, says the planning’s “going slowly” but that she doesn’t want a lot of hubbub, anyway.

“A lot of alcohol and no drama! No fuss, that’s the most important thing. Warm would be great,” she says. “I just get to play and get my hair and make-up done in my professional life, so I don’t really know if I want that fuss for my wedding. I want simple.”

And she says she’s already enjoying one of the best parts of a marriage – the benefits of living together.

“He’s great at doing laundry,” Faris jokes. “He got that from his mom. He’s a keeper.”

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