Ann Wilson Says Marriage Opened Her Up to a New 'Feeling About Life'

"I feel really positive and powerful about the way things are going," she tells The Kate

Photo: Jonathan Olson

She’s about to celebrate a year of marriage later this month, and Heart frontwoman Ann Wilson is reflecting on the impact the union’s made on her.

“I feel better and better,” she tells new national music series The Kate. “I got married, which opened me up to a whole new way of feeling about life, which in turn reflected on the way I do my art, you know.”

The star feels “really positive and powerful about the way things are going,” she told the program, which pays homage to Katharine Hepburn in six one-hour episodes featuring performances and interviews with musical artists. “I look back and say, I wish I hadn’t been so hard [on myself] because it’s something to be gotten over. It’s just something you gotta slap yourself and say, ‘Why do you think that way?’ You’re the main one standing in your own way.”

With her career “getting more and more exciting” each day, Wilson, 65, also reveals she’s gotten a handle on her stage fright.

“Some time ago, I learned how to say ‘What’s the worst thing that could happen up there?'” she says. “I could mess up some words, I could sing flat … I could appear human. Is that really the worst thing in the world?”

After seeing other people “screw up on stage” yet still pull off “great” performances, the singer learned to let go of her worries.

“I think when I made that connection, I went, ‘Just stop worrying’ because you’re wasting precious, powerful time with worry.”

Wilson’s full-hour performance on The Kate music series with her solo project, The Ann Wilson Thing, will premiere Saturday at It also airs on public television stations around the country – check for local listings.

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