Anjelica Huston on Brainy Matters

Soon to be seen as a goddess of Camelot in the TNT movie “The Mists of Avalon,” Anjelica Huston, 50, a goddess of Hollywood, revealed to PEOPLE on Wednesday that she discovered at an early age that she suffers from what she calls “numbers panic.” (The reason the subject came up, it should be noted, is because Huston was in Washington, D.C., to help open the “Brain” exhibit at the Smithsonian’s Arts and Industries Building.) “I know that I (get) numbers flopped,” said the Oscar winner (“Prizzi’s Honor”). “It caused me difficulty in learning — people would call me stupid.” Even today, she admits, “I still don’t like numbers.” In a similar vein, her husband, sculptor Robert Graham, was diagnosed with dyslexia after his grown son discovered he had a learning disability of his own. But for Graham, the diagnosis wasn’t entirely bad. “He’s an artist,” says Huston, touting Graham’s creative streak, “so that’s been positive for him in a way.”

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