Aniston: No Tears Over Personal Life

"I'm pegged as a crier, aren't I?" says Jennifer, disputing her weepy reputation

Jennifer Aniston, making the publicity rounds for her new movie Derailed, has been careful not to talk about her love life – though she did slip up and reveal something about the man in her life, Norman.

That’s her dog. “I got him from the animal trainers on Friends, ” she tells Newsweek. “He was an actor dog, but he was so lazy that he had a terrible reputation. He wouldn’t hit his mark. He just sat there.”

She also said that Norman had trouble finding work on other shows.

Slightly more seriously, Aniston, 36, tells the news magazine that she has unfairly been tagged as being weepy since her split from husband Brad Pitt, following 4 1/2 years of marriage.

“I’m pegged as a crier, aren’t I?” she says, explaining that she was “upset about the Vanity Fair article,” during which she reportedly broke down in tears. Says Aniston: “I had one moment when I got emotional because I hadn’t sat down with an interviewer since this whole debacle took place. It happened for a second and then it was over.”

But, she insists, it’s not her marriage that chokes her up. “I do cry when I watch shows about babies being born,” she admits. “And I can turn on Terms of Endearment at any point and start crying – or The Champ, with Rick Schroder.”

As for Aniston’s new movie, Derailed, costarring Clive Owen and opening this week, advance reviews in the trade papers are far from encouraging. The Hollywood Reporter dismisses the “flaccid” psychological thriller as a dud – besides a predictable plot, Aniston and Owen create no sparks between them, it says – while Variety calls the movie preposterous. Aniston’s performance, though convincing, offers her all too little screen time, the paper adds.

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