Aniston, Clooney Throw Money into Presidential Race

A new database shows who celebrities (and regular people) are supporting in 2008

While some celebrities are outspoken about their political causes, others prefer to keep mum, publicly, about their political inclinations.

For the curious, though, there’s a new database, Huffington Post’s FundRace 2008, on the Huffington Post Web site, showing just how much money celebs (and regular citizens) are donating to the 2008 presidential candidates’ campaigns.

And a quick search reveals – surprise! – Hollywood’s big names appear to be leaning toward the Democrats. Specifically, Jennifer Aniston has donated $2,300 to Barack Obama’s campaign ($2,300 is the maximum donation allowed for the Democratic primary), as did Halle Berry, a longtime supporter of the Illinois senator who also contributed $2,300. (The actress has been photographed walking around Los Angeles in an “Obama for Change” T-shirt.)

Others on Team Obama (at least as far as money is concerned): George Clooney,Will Smith, Tyra Banks and Jamie Foxx. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has a financial supporter in Donald Trump Jr., who gave $4,000 to her campaign, while Martha Stewart handed over $4,600. (Supporters are allowed to donate $4,600 total for both the primary and general elections.)

Among Republican celebrity supporters, Kelsey Grammer has donated $2,300 to Rudolph Giuliani’s campaign efforts, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off actor-turned-TV commentator Ben Stein donated $750 to Team Rudy.

Other politically active celebrities, both Republican and Democrat, may not have made their donations yet. Searches in the database yielded no results for Brad Pitt or Mel Gibson.

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