Jordan Alexander tells PEOPLE she thinks her photo and subsequent internet fame is "hilarious"

By Kathy Ehrich Dowd
Updated March 25, 2016 02:20 PM
Credit: Courtesy Jordan and Steven Alexander

Turns out the “angry” Splash Mountain mom isn’t so angry after all.

Exhausted new mother Jordan Alexander was looking forward to doing one little thing with her husband during a family trip to Disney World a few weeks ago – and admits she overreacted a little when it didn’t happen.

The result, however, is Internet gold.

Alexander recently achieved virtual fame when a photo of her glaring into the camera as she careened down Splash Mountain went viral.

“I think it’s so hilarious,” she tells PEOPLE. “I have a 3-month old, so I’m working on no sleep, so it’s kind of like a dream, ‘like, ‘Is this really happening?’ ”

The 35-year-old nurse from Minoa, New York, says her annoyance in the photo is real, but she also mugged for the camera for effect.

“I wanted a memento of how annoyed I was,” Alexander tells PEOPLE with a laugh.

Everything unfolded on March 1 when Jordan roamed the Magic Kingdom with her husband, Steven Alexander, their infant son and her parents.

Alexander took a yearly trek to Disney World with her parents growing up, with Splash Mountain always being her favorite ride. She always looked forward to going down the log flume with her husband, but they needed to postpone a Disney trip for years as Steven received two kidney transplants.

They finally made their first Disney pilgrimage last January, but the ride was closed for repairs. They returned in May, but she was pregnant so skipped the ride.

Finally, Alexander thought she had her chance to hop on the ride with her husband at long last.

However, when the time came to skip to the front of the line with their Fast Pass, her husband, who is “not a ride guy,” ultimately bailed.

“He just said, ‘Oh, I don’t have it in me.’ And I was like, ‘You don’t have it in you to sit in a log in the water?’ ”

He didn’t, so Alexander left in a huff to ride solo.

“I was cranky,” she admits now with a laugh. “I was exhausted, and when that happens everything became super-heightened, so the smallest thing becomes the biggest thing. I kind of marched off. It was not my finest moment.”

Annoyed but self-aware, Alexander decided her husband needed proof of her irritation.

“I have a resting bitch face and Steve always makes fun of me for it – he calls me Captain Not Amused – so I thought I would make a joke out of it and get the resting bitch face on camera,” she explains.

Although she was not feeling overly angry once she stepped on the ride, she was brought back to her irritation by the couple sitting behind her.

“I got annoyed all over again because the people behind me were so lovey-dovey that it fueled my rage,” she explains.

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The rest is Internet history.

Steven posted the photo on Facebook, and later the Disney Reddit page where it began to pick up steam.

Eventually, creative photoshoppers added her face to everything from the Mona Lisa to the American Gothic painting – and Alexander welcomes it all.

“I think it’s great people are having a great time with it,” says Alexander, who launched a Twitter page with her husband in response to the reaction to her photo.

And she wants to make it clear that she does, indeed, smile.

“Yes, I do smile,” she says. “My parents want to make it known they paid a lot for my braces!”