Angelina Jolie: It Took Me Time to Find a Real Man

The director and humanitarian also weighs in on her decision to put acting on hold, her love of wine and whether she'd let her kids get inked

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Even Angelina Jolie had to wait a while to find her Mr. Right!

“At 20, we’re all looking for Prince Charming, the big handsome hunk, only we’re generally disappointed because of his instability,” the actress tells France’s Dandy magazine. “At 40, you know what you want: a real man.”

Jolie, 39, found her “real man” in Brad Pitt, 51, and opened up about their family-centric wedding at their French estate.

“It wasn’t a wedding in grand style, but we were all very at ease, very cool,” she tells the mag. “It was absolutely adorable to see how excited [our children] were by the idea, and how much they were all involved.”

“For example, we told Knox and Shiloh they’d carry the rings without specifying they’d have a cushion to carry them,” she continues. “On the day, they arrived with two matched cushions on their own. I imagine they’d seen it in a movie. In short, they were so cute!”

Why She’s Put Acting on Hold

Jolie’s recent focus has been on her work behind the camera – directing Unbroken and furthering her humanitarian efforts, including recently launching the Centre on Women, Peace and Security at the London School of Economics.

“It’s somewhat personal,” she tells Dandy of why she’s been appearing in front of the camera less frequently. “When my mother died, I realized how much my being an actress was linked to her desire to be an actress herself, and especially what satisfaction it brought her when she saw me onscreen. Once she was gone, I didn’t feel the same attraction for it.”

Jolie, who lost her mother to ovarian cancer in 2007, says she now gets more satisfaction from letting other people have the spotlight.

“What I really like is to be behind the camera, to put others into the light,” she explains. “Being in the spotlight’s shine doesn’t interest me. I prefer to have my head almost underwater … than be dainty in front of the cameras.”

Her Love Of Wine

The mother of six also opened up about her favorite indulgence – “all the rosés of Provence, [France].”

“Drinking a glass of wine with friends, people we love – there’s nothing better to take away bad toxins,” she says.

Jolie and Pitt created their own wine – the Miraval Rosé – produced from grapes grown at the vineyards at their estate, Château Miraval in Correns, France.

“Growing vines, harvesting, barreling them is an interesting experience,” Jolie tells the magazine. “I learned a lot these last years. I’ve realized that making wine isn’t something that’s improvised. It takes hard work.”

Will She Let Her Kids Get Tattoos?

Jolie proudly flaunts several tattoos – including the map coordinates of the birthplaces of all her children and Pitt – so she doesn’t think she can prevent her own children from getting inked someday.

“I don’t see how I’ll be able to stop them later on,” she says in the interview. “They only need to look at me to know that I’ve very few arguments to dissuade them. Brad, he’s much firmer on the question: It’s ‘nyet’!”

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