While they await his U.S. passport approval, the new mom and son spend the weekend in Vietnam out of view

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated March 17, 2007 07:45 AM
Lester Cohen/WireImage; STR/AFP/Getty

As she waited for officials to give her new son a U.S. passport so the two of them can travel to America, Angelina Jolie kept a low profile on Saturday in Vietnam, where photographers saw her arrive by car to her hotel in the center of Ho Chi Minh City.

Jolie’s keeping out of public view comes a day after the Ho Chi Minh City Law newspaper quoted the working actress as saying she would now be a stay-at-home mom, focusing on her growing family, now that she has added 3-year-old Pax Thien Jolie from Vietnam to her brood.

Jolie also apologized for exposing her new son to the media frenzy that greeted them in his native country. The paparazzi have been hot on the actress’s trail since Wednesday, when she arrived in Vietnam to collect the child. She was also followed from the orphanage to the Ministry of Justice for an adoption ceremony on Thursday.

Pax, whose given name before he was adopted was Pham Quang, is the fourth child for the California-based, 31-year-old actress and Brad Pitt. (Their brood includes Maddox, 5, who was adopted from Cambodia; Zahara, 2, who was adopted from Ethiopia; and 10-month-old Shiloh, who was born to the couple last May.)

The U.S.-based Adoptions From The Heart agency, which handled Pax’s adoption, said in a statement that Jolie was given no preferential treatment when it came to the adoption, which the organization says was begun last summer in Vietnam.

“Contrary to earlier reports, her application was not fast-tracked,” according to the statement from the suburban-Philadelphia-based agency.

While some in Vietnam who work in international adoptions suggested that Jolie made a donation to the Tam Binh orphanage – where Pax has lived since infancy – Adoptions From The Heart coordinator Heidi Gonzalez said that the actress “has neither made, nor promised to make any financial contributions” to the facility.

“As we do with all of our clients, Adoptions From The Heart celebrates the miracle of adoption, and wishes the Jolie-Pitt family much joy,” added Gonzalez.