See Julia Roberts, Glenn Close, Dustin Hoffman and more suited up as your favorite fairy-tale baddies
Credit: Greg Williams/Disney/AP

Audiences got their first look at Angelina Jolie as an iconic Disney villain Wednesday, as the Tomb Raider actress made her dark debut in the first trailer for the upcoming film Maleficent, a Wicked-style take on the life of the evil Sleeping Beauty sorceress.

Jolie is but the latest in a long line of actors who have tried their hand at bringing the menace of Disney’s animated villains to life onscreen.

Below, we take a look back at our favorite live-action Disney baddies. Which is your favorite?

Dustin Hoffman: Captain Hook

Movie: Hook
Year: 1991
Playing a villain is nearly always an occasion for hamming it up, and Hoffman has a whole hog’s worth of fun turning the dreaded pirate Hook into a foppish, sneering dandy.

Alan Rickman: Sheriff of Nottingham

Movie: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Year: 1991
Rickman’s dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham injects a much-needed dose of levity to Kevin Costner’s occasionally portentous Robin Hood. When he cancels Christmas, he’s as cartoonish as any old wolf.

Glenn Close: Cruella De Vil

Movie: 101 Dalmations
Year: 1996
From boiling bunnies to skinning puppies, Close’s career has not been kind to cuddly animals.

Angelica Huston: Rodmilla the Wicked Stepmother

Movie: Ever After
Year: 1998
In this naturalistic Cinderella adaptation, Huston brings just enough humanity to the evil stepmother role to make her verbal barbs sting even sharper.

Christopher Walken: Hessian the Headless Horseman

Movie: Sleepy Hollow
Year: 1999
His IMDb quote page may be sparse, but Walken still steals this Tim Burton film with his wordless performance as the head-chopping Hessian.

Helena Bonham-Carter: The Red Queen

Movie: Alice in Wonderland
Year: 2010
Though calling this a “live-action” performance might be a stretch, HBC’s CGI Queen has the proportions and the petulance of an overgrown baby. With a noggin that big, no wonder she’s obsessed with cutting them off.

Charlize Theron: Evil Queen Ravenna

Movie: Snow White and Huntsman
Year: 2012
A year after Young Adult, Charlize Theron found a simpler way to ideal with aging: sucking the souls out of her kingdom’s young women.

Julia Roberts: The Evil Queen

Movie: Mirror Mirror
Year: 2012
The silliest performance on this list, Roberts plays Mirror Mirror‘s evil stepmother not as a super villain, but as a frustrated comedienne – the Elaine Benes of fairy land.

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