Local law requires couples to be married by their mayor or to get permission for a religious ceremony

By Peter Mikelbank Dana Kennedy
July 15, 2011 01:05 PM
Jim Smeal/BEImages

If you still hope – despite all evidence to the contraryBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may marry soon in the south of France, their local mayor has news for you: don’t hold your breath.

“There are no plans for them to marry that I know of – and I would know,” Correns, France, mayor Michaël Latz tells PEOPLE in response to reports the couple intend to wed in their adopted village.

“Every year, the rumor resurfaces,” Latz adds. “More noise from the American press to sell a few more pounds of paper.”

The mayor has been friendly with Jolie, 36, and Pitt, 47, whom he says invited him to their home after they first moved into the Chateâu Miraval just outside Correns, a picturesque, eco-agricultural community with a population of 661, three years ago. There is a chapel, part of which dates back to the sixteenth century, on the property, leading to speculation they might opt for a private, in-house religious ceremony.

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Should the couple choose to wed one day in France, which recognizes civil services, they would be married by the mayor of their locality. By law, religious ceremonies can take place only after a civil wedding, Latz told local newspaper Var-Matin, and marriages are also subject to certain residency status requirements and a mandatory delay involving official public notice.