'Angela' in Ashes

“Angela’s Ashes,” which is still riding high on the bestseller book list, fizzled at the movies, and no one is more surprised than “Angela’s” author, Frank McCourt. The film version of his memoir about growing up dirt poor in Limerick, Ireland, was dismissed by critics, ignored by audiences and overlooked by Oscar — except for its nominated score, by John Williams. McCourt told New York’s Daily News that the situation is “a bit of a shock.” Still, McCourt, whose “Angela’s” sequel ” ‘Tis” was a best-seller despite its lackluster reviews, is now working on a remembrance of his 30 years as a New York City public school teacher. It’s tentatively titled, “Yo, Teach,” and despite the “Angela’s” experience, McCourt hopes this new book will make it to the screen. “There isn’t a single decent movie ever made about teaching,” McCourt told the News, obviously forgetting “To Sir, With Love,” “Educating Rita” and “Stand and Deliver.”

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