Andrew Wilcox does indeed dance like no one's watching

By Alex Heigl
Updated March 10, 2014 06:30 PM

Dance like no one’s watching.

Especially if you’ve lost a bet to your brother over a basketball game.

Andrew Wilcox and his brother play basketball frequently, and apparently Andrew wins enough that he felt comfortable making a bet on one of their games: The loser would have to dance on a busy street corner for 30 minutes to the music of the winner’s choice.

Pride goeth before the fall, as they say, and so naturally Andrew lost his bet. This video is his payment: True to his word, Wilcox danced for a half hour at the corner of Bulldog and State Street in Provo, Utah.

Highlights include his ebullient jump during the “Call Me Maybe”-soundtracked portion of the video and a feeble attempt at breakdancing at 1:23. But his joy is infectious: By the end of the video, two employees from a nearby store have joined him for a group dance.

If only more losing bets were this fun.

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