May 27, 2014 09:30 AM

San Francisco gets all the credit for beautiful displays of foggy weather, but apparently Lake Michigan’s no slouch, either.

Andrew Ballard was fishing with his father at Platte Bay, Lake Michigan, when they noticed the clouds in the distance were dropping lower and lower. The pair stuck around as the fog rolled in, and were able to get this footage of the massive shelf of fog as it approached their boat.

As Ballard pans down the fog bank, you can really get a sense of the phenomenon’s scope: It disappears into the horizon like a glacier.

While equally cinematic, this fog bank was considerably more benevolent than the one in John Carpenter’s 1980 horror classic The Fog. It didn’t contain murderous, ghostly fishermen, though it did put an end to the Ballards’ day of fishing, which is tragedy on a slightly smaller scale.

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