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April 20, 2014 10:30 AM

Thanks to the efforts of the Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce, nearly 100 blind and visually impaired children got to experience an Easter egg hunt of their very own on Saturday.

In the long-running Beeping Easter Egg Hunt, held in Dallas’s Nash-Davis Park, the children used their sense of hearing to seek out special noise-making Easter eggs specially constructed for the occasion.

Emily Campos (left) looks for eggs with the help of Flor Medina
Matthew Busch/The Dallas Morning News

“We make our own eggs with a solder gun and glue,” DJCC chairman Ponce Duran explained to PEOPLE. “We go to RadioShack, get a small beeper and glue it to a switch.”

At the end of the hunt, the children exchanged the beeping eggs for normal Easter eggs.

Zachary Smith (front) bounces with the help of volunteer Tyler Johnson
Matthew Busch/The Dallas Morning News
Johnathan Evains Jr. (right) and volunteer Kristine Capino blow bubbles
Matthew Busch/The Dallas Morning News

The children were accompanied by a sighted family member or sibling, who helped them pick up each egg once they’d discovered it.

“It’s a natural motion for them,” Duran said.

Mary Rose Bushland blows bubbles
Matthew Busch/The Dallas Morning News
Easter Bunny Chris Shim hugs Mary Rose Bushland
Matthew Busch/The Dallas Morning News

The Beeping Easter Egg Hunt, now in its 14th year, is a partnership between the DJCC and the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services.

The first egg hunt, in 1999, arose from the DJCC’s desire to aid the underserved visually impaired community.

“They wanted to create an event that allowed the visually impaired child, and just as important, the whole family, to experience something exceptional most of us take for granted,” Duran said.

Only one family showed up for the inaugural event, but over the years, the Beeping Egg Hunt has grown into one of the DJCC’s signature causes.

Easter Bunny Chris Shim waits in Dallas's Nash-Davis Park
Matthew Busch/The Dallas Morning News

At the end of Saturday’s festivities, the sighted helpers were treated to a traditional Easter Egg hunt. All the children got to enjoy a bouncy castle, as well as a piñata.

DJCC staffer Chris Shim was on hand to play Easter Bunny, enduring all manner of roughhousing from the assembled children.

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