She hopes Blake Fielder-Civil's absence will help her daughter "kick hard drugs"

By Sara Hammel
Updated November 21, 2007 02:35 PM
Tim Mosenfelder/Getty

Amy Winehouse is devastated that her husband Blake Fielder-Civil has been locked up, but her mom says, “Thank God.”

“I was more worried when they were together,” Janis Winehouse tells Britain’s First magazine. “I think while they are apart, she will wake up and think: ‘What have I done?’ ”

Fielder-Civil, 25 – already facing assault charges from a 2006 altercation – was arrested Nov. 8 for allegedly attempting to pay off a witness at his trial.

“Thank God he’s gone inside,” Janis, a pharmacist, continues, adding that this could be the perfect time for Amy to kick her drug habit. “Everyone else can see it. But Amy chooses not to.”

So far, Amy, 24, seems to be having a difficult time dealing with the separation. During her controversial comeback gig in the U.K. Nov. 14, the singer was booed and stormed off stage – but not before warning hecklers, “Wait ’til my husband gets out of incarceration.”

Still, Amy’s mom remains optimistic about her daughter’s future. “She has always lived her life on the edge,” the elder Winehouse says. “I’ve seen her recover from heartbreak before – and her rare talent is that she puts that pain into music.”