"Good friends cereal box," Schumer captioned the happy photo.

By Karen Mizoguchi
January 28, 2016 11:20 PM

She may be dating boyfriend Ben Hanisch, but the most important man in Amy Schumer‘s life is her father Gordon.

Schumer, 34, shared a sweet photo of her real-life father and Trainwreck dad Colin Quinn on Instagram Thursday, for double the fatherly love.

“Good friends cereal box,” she captioned the happy photo, referencing to the chummy front side of the Kashi breakfast food.

She later posted a video of the get-together, in which her father jokes to his daughter, “You could have taken a limo out from the city, you know?”

In the autobiographical comedy, written by the Inside Amy Schumer star, Quinn, 56, plays a character named Gordon, based on Schumer’s father.

When Schumer was 12, her father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and his successful company went bankrupt. Soon after, the family, including her older brother Jason and younger sister Kim, relocated to Long Island, before her parents split up.

“It was Hunger Games,” Schumer told EW. “I was like, ‘I’ll take it from here.’ I tried to make everything okay by making everyone laugh about how horrible things were. It kept us alive.”

Quinn prepared for his part in the Judd Apatow-directed movie by meeting Gordon, who lives in an assisted living facility, two times.

“I got the fact that the guy was a wild guy back in the day. Like a real, full-of-life kind of guy. Now, he couldn’t really move,” Quinn said of meeting his real-life counterpart. “He got MS in his early 40s. So it was dealing with a guy who had this life and then suddenly, he s still there but he can’t get out there. That s where it starts.”

In the film, Schumer plays a journalist, named Amy, at a men’s magazine terrified by the idea of monogamy. While on assignment, she sleeps with a sports doctor (Bill Hader), who immediately falls for her and wants to settle down. Schumer’s movie persona also has a father with MS (Quinn) and a younger, married sister (Brie Larson) who’s also her best friend.