Amy Schumer and Talib Kweli teamed up to perform Kanye West's 2004 hit "Get 'Em High"

By Jodi Guglielmi
Updated August 27, 2015 05:20 PM
Credit: Courtesy Amy Schumer

Meet Amy Schumer: your new dream karaoke partner.

The Trainwreck actress surprised fans at a Chicago show on Wednesday when she unexpectedly joined rapper Talib Kweli onstage for a song.

The two teamed up to perform Kanye West‘s 2004 “Get ‘Em High.” The song was originally a collaboration between West, Kweli and Common, but Schumer’s rap skills rivaled them all.

The comedian proudly posted videos of the epic duet on Instagram, also showing off her hip-hop dance moves.

An audience member also captured a video of the performance, in which you you can clearly hear the crowd go wild as Schumer spits tongue-twisting verses.

While Schumer will likely stick to comedy as her day job, it’s safe to say she has a solid fallback career in rap.

Maybe she’ll even bust some rhymes in the movie she’s writing with pal Jennifer Lawrence! One can only dream.