November 24, 2016 11:51 AM

Leave it to Amy Schumer to provide us with a Trainwreck of a mannequin challenge.

The comedian took to Instagram on Wednesday evening to debut her own version of the viral challenge sweeping the Internet — and let’s just say she didn’t exactly get full cooperation from all of her participants.

In the clip, which Schumer, 35, filmed during dinner at Schwa restaurant in Chicago, the actress begins by addressing her followers: “Welcome,” she says, eyebrows raised, “to the mannequin challenge.”

The star then filmed her dinner companions and the rest of the restaurant’s patrons all frozen in their activities — laughing, talking, drinking — before making her way into the kitchen, where the staff was very much not frozen.

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“You guys, remember we said we were going to do the mannequin challenge? And everybody was going to stop moving?” Schumer said tentatively as they all went about their tasks.

“You guys?” she continued before trailing off. “Guys?”

Well, she still hasn’t outdone this cat — but A for effort, Amy.

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