Amy Schumer's Top Ten Most Hilarious Moments

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The comedic world has been dominated by men. So Amy Schumer of Inside Amy Schumer‘s feminist-focused humor is a breath of fresh (and funny) air.

Ever since Inside Amy Schumer premiered on Comedy Central, Schumer has been a feminist force in the comedy world. This summer, she’s going to break onto the movie scene this summer with Trainwreck. But first, she’s hitting the movie world in a different way – by playing host to this weekend’s MTV Movie Awards. And while both Trainwreck and this weekend’s awards are sure to be laugh-til-you-cry hilarious, Amy’s already had plenty of funny moments. Check out some of the best ones below.

When She Gave Viewers The Female Answer To Hooters
Her show Inside Amy Schumer has been dubbed the “most feminist show on television”, and she’s got the sketches to prove it. One of the most notable showed Amy out at a dinner at O’Nutters, a casual eatery that features male waiters in some rather revealing uniforms. Yes, it’s a woman’s version of Hooters,

When She Perfectly Parodied The Newsroom
Aaron Sorkin’s won an Oscar and multiple Emmys for his signature style. So where’s Amy’s accolade for their spot-on parody of the The Newsroom, dubbed The Foodroom, and takes place inside a faux fast food kitchen.

When She Got The Word Pussy On The Air
Until Amy Schumer (and her sexually-charged show) came along, Comedy Central comedians uttered the word ‘pussy’, they’d get bleeped out. However, you could say ‘dick’ without any interference. Schumer and her show staffers felt this was hugely unfair and sexist, and fought to get the word uncensored. They won, and thankfully so. The sketch that came of the decision (below), which features Amy as an disgusting, overweight, and dirty animated meerkat, is freakin’ hilarious.

When She Tackled Military Rape
No topic is too sensitive, too outlandish, or too non-PC for Schumer. In her sketches, she’s tackled a number of controversial issues in a smart, provocative, and of course, hilarious manner. One of her most provocative was the talked-about military rape sketch, in which Amy plays a military video game character get raped, and is forced to deal with the frustrating aftermath. Not only is the clip outrageous, it does a great job of illustrating the ridiculousness in a real life scenario.

When She Got Really Real About Her Sex Life
Schumer’s comedy is often sex-focused, and what better material to pull from than real life? In Schumer’s first original stand-up special Mostly Sex Stuff, she leaves no stone unturned when it comes to her love life. Her slutty friends, one night stands, bad hookups, and even worse relationships are all fair game for a laugh. The best part? Unlike her short sketches, Mostly Sex Stuff lasts for a full hour.

When She Made Fun Of Body Expectations
Schumer’s never been shy about what she thinks of the body image expectations for women, and she’s both spoken out against her critics and has insisted that magazines don’t photoshop images of her. On a recent visit to Ellen, she put a funny spin on these sentiments, claiming that in L.A., her arms would register as legs. When She Asked Strangers About Sexy Pics – and Got One Of Her Own
Amy’s not afraid to get candid about anything – so asking strangers about the details of their sexy pics is par for the course for her. However, later on in the sketch, the teacher becomes the student, when she gets a sexy pic of her own – one that she mistakenly thinks is a pug.

When She Had The World’s Worst One Night Stand
She’s all about feminism, which makes Schumer’s portrayal of a woman who takes a one night stand and runs with it (way, way too far – all the way to the church, in fact) all the more hilarious.

When She Talks To God (AKA Paul Giamatti)
When Amy finds out that a guy she slept with has herpes, she’s quick to call on God to ask for a big favor (to not contract it, of course). What comes next is a hilarious conversation with the one and only Paul Giamatti – as the Lord.

When She Played A Commitment Phobe In Trainwreck
Alright, so this one isn’t out yet, but if the trailer is any indication, we know it’s going to be good. As of yet, Schumer has primarily stuck to stand-up and the small screen, particularly with her show Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central. But later this year, she’ll make her big screen debut with the Judd Apatow-directed Trainwreck, which, in typical Schumer fashion, she’ll play a character named Amy, and the plot will deal with relationships. And what’s a better way to celebrate a budding film career than snagging the hosting gig at the MTV Movie Awards?

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