Amy Schumer Spends a Hilarious, Sweet Day with Her Dad and Her Sister

The girls visited their father at the assisted living facility he resides in due to his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

Photo: Courtesy Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer knows the true definition of squad goals.

Schumer and her younger sister, Kim Caremele, kicked off their Labor Day weekend by spending some quality time with their father Gordon Schumer – and as you could imagine, the day was filled with laughter.

The ladies visited their father at the assisted living facility he resides in due to his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

Schumer posted a snapshot of the family on Twitter with their father smiling in the middle as he wraps his arms around his daughters.

“Did someone say #SquadGoals ?” she captioned the photo.

The comedian, 34, also posted a video from the afternoon, in which Schumer is offering her father some friendly hairstyle advice.

“You want me to look like a barbie doll,” Gordon says as Schumer explains that she wants to keep the sides of his hair longer, but trim the top.

Schumer has always been candid about her relationship with her father, and his battle with MS, even writing it into her film Trainwreck.

When Schumer was 12 her father was diagnosed with MS and his lucrative company went bankrupt. Soon after her family was forced to downsize and her parents divorced.

“It was Hunger Games,” Schumer told Entertainment Weekly. “I was like, ‘I’ll take it from here.’ I tried to make everything okay by making everyone laugh about how horrible things were. It kept us alive.”

Schumer said it was getting through these hard times that shaped her sense of humor growing up, and drives her comedy on stage.

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“It’s the most painful thing in the world to just watch this person that you love ultimately just digress and kind of decompose. And it’s too heavy and you have to find a way to laugh at it.” she told the Morning Edition‘s David Greene for NPR in 2013. “I will on stage go to a very dark place and make light of things that are painful.

“It makes me feel better to hear about other people’s struggles, so I like to share mine,” she added.

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