Paul Rudd and Michael Pe a also make cameos.


All the spanx and pantyhose are making sense now.

Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen hit the road on a faux campaign trail in the newly released full-length Super Bowl 50 commercial for Bud Light.

And what are the two things America loves? Beer and Paul Rudd, of course.

The Ant-Man actor makes a cameo appearance as well his Marvel costar Michael Pe a.

The two comedians join forces to create their own party, the Bud Light party, and “just wait ’til you see our caucus,” teases the Trainwreck star.

“They say we’re a nation divided, they say we’re divided on everything,” Schumer, 34, proclaims followed by Rogen, 33, declaring, “Nothing brings America together like Bud Light!”

Schumer and Rogen previously starred in the 30-second teaser trailer pinning “The Bud Light Party” buttons on their outfits.

Anheuser-Busch will have three full minutes of advertising this year, according to Vibe.

Super Bowl 50 airs Sunday, Feb. 7 on CBS.