Her treatments behind her, the GMA" news anchor looks forward to running again

By Emma Tyler
May 16, 2014 12:30 PM
Credit: Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

Amy Robach is ready to get her groove back.

“I want to run again,” says the GMA news anchor 20 days after after completing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Diagnosed last October, Robach, 41, had her final treatment April 24.

Speaking Wednesday at the Gilda’s Club NYC Annual Luncheon Celebrating Women Working and Living with Cancer, Robach told PEOPLE, “Starting this weekend, I’m picking it back up. I had tried here and there, but it was just awful. I had chemicals coming up when I tried to run and I’d have to stop. I can’t wait to pound the pavement and run along the East River.”

As for her energy level, “Yesterday I still had to take a nap,” she said. “I’m not 100 percent, but every day I’m getting better and better and that feels incredible. As the weather is warming, my spirit is strengthening.”

With one more surgery – her last – scheduled for June 9, the mother of Ava, 11, and Annalise, 8, admitted that should her strength or resolve start to slip, she thinks of her girls.

“Knowing I have to be there for them each and every day, that’s what kept me going,” an emotional Robach said of her daughters, who helped her celebrate her last day of chemo.

“They decorated the entire apartment door,” said Robach, who Tweeted a pic of their handiwork. ”

One thing Robach won’t be enjoying during her post chemo summer? An ice-cold beverage.

“I can no longer eat ice,” she noted. “I had to pack my mouth with ice and chew it for about the 30 minutes of the three hours [of chemo], and I was at restaurant and there was ice in [my glass] and I started to chew it and I burst into tears.”

Of the disease, she said, “It can hit you at the most unexpected moments, but it’s a reminder of what you’ve been through. I think they are badges of honor, because I’m a warrior. And anyone that goes through this, that’s how you have to think of yourself, as a warrior.”

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