May 03, 2016 10:45 AM

Turns out Amy Poehler puts a lot more faith in a Hillary Clinton presidency than a Leslie Knope one.

In a video the Clinton campaign released as Indiana voters head to the polls for their presidential primary Tuesday, the Democratic frontrunner asks Poehler to share her thoughts on how the presidency would unfold if the overly eager public servant the comedian portrayed on NBC’s Parks and Recreation rose to the highest office in the land.

“On my god, she would run out of gas really fast,” Poehler, 44, tells Clinton.

Poehler, who is jokingly identified as the mayor Pawnee, Indiana *kinda in the video (referring to the fictional town Knope was devoted to during the show’s seven seasons), said Knope would characteristically try to take on too much too quickly.

“I think she would make a lot of change really fast, and then she would have to take like a month nap,” Poehler said as Clinton dissolved into giggles.

The video ends with Clinton’s campaign logo, as well as the message “Vote Indiana! (You can nap later.)”

Clinton faces off against Bernie Sanders in Tuesday’s race, which comes a week after the former Secretary of State won four of the five contests against the Vermont senator.

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