Professor Snape Didn't Die – He Works for American Airlines!

The company "revealed" the truth in Facebook post Friday

Photo: Courtesy American Airlines

Take heart, Potter fans: American Airlines confirmed Friday that secretly noble-hearted Professor Severus Snape actually faked his own death at the end of J.K. Rowling‘s fantasy series, and now works as a gate agent.

The company’s Facebook post comes after years of web speculation over an AA employee who bears a striking resemblance to the tart-tongued potions master, who was apparently first spotted in 2012.

“Severus Snape will assist you in the boarding process for Flight Nine and Three Quarters from LaGuardia to Hogwarts,” the company said in its Facebook post, accompanying a photo of “Snape” at the gate.

(The lookalike’s real name? David Dolci, based out of New York, according to his LinkedIn.)

Though he may now be living among the Muggles, “Snape” hasn’t completely given up his magical prejudices, reminding passengers that “Last and certainly least, Gryffindor and Muggles may board.”

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