The two young actresses are the national co-chairs of the campaign's "HillBlazers"
Credit: Laura Rauch

America Ferrera and Amber Tamblyn not only support Hillary Clinton for president, they have assumed active roles as the national co-chairs of “HillBlazers” – the campaign’s youth outreach program.

This weekend, Ugly Betty star Ferrera, 23, and former Joan of Arcadia star Tamblyn, 24, are expected in Las Vegas as part of Saturday’s Nevada caucuses, an aide tells CBS.

“This election is too important to stand on the sidelines, especially for my generation,” said Ferrera. “I believe that Hillary Clinton can turn this country around. I am confident she will be a champion for young women and men across the country.”

Tamblyn calls Clinton “the only candidate who has the experience to bring about change. I’m excited to campaign for her wherever and whenever I can.”

Returning the compliments, the candidate said she was “honored” to receive the young actresses’ support.

“They are great role models for so many young women in our nation,” Clinton said. “I’m delighted that they will be joining us to help bring change to our nation.”