She poses nearly nude above the body of a slain enemy

By Adam Carlson
Updated June 07, 2015 12:35 PM
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Credit: Courtesy Amber Rose

Amber Rose bares almost all in the just-released cover art for her forthcoming self-help book How to Be a Bad Bitch

Rose, 31, posted the cover on Instagram Saturday, urging her followers to head to Amazon for the preorder, before the book’s October release. (Oddly, the book’s official Amazon listing features a much more demure shot of Rose against a white backdrop.)

The cover posted on Instagram, shot by David LaChapelle, features Rose posed in profile amid black rocks and ocean, triumphantly notching an arrow in her bow above the slain body of her enemy.

Her silver hair is accented by the barest hint of gold on her feet, arms and across her chest.

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Her assistant, Benji Carlisle, told Cosmopolitan earlier this year he was the one to thank for some of her infamous Instagram shots.

“She’s in control of her own social media. But I would say I’m the cheerleader of the group,” Carlisle said. “Stuff like [her G-string monokini photo] was my doing.”