Amber Heard Slams Comedian Accusing Her of Blackmailing Johnny Depp

Heard's lawyer, Peter Sample, responded against TheWrap's article claiming Heard was "blackmailing" Depp

Photo: Splash News Online

Amber Heard is trying to clear her name after Johnny Depp‘s friend accused her of blackmailing him and lying about the actor’s domestic abuse.

In a letter to TheWrap, Heard’s lawyer, Peter Sample, states the publication printed “outrageous and defamatory false claims” about the actress in an article, written by Depp’s friend Doug Stanhope, titled, “Johnny Depp Is Being Blackmailed by Amber Heard – Here’s How I Know.”

“The foregoing allegations against Ms. Heard are absolutely and unequivocally false,” Sample writes in the letter obtained by PEOPLE.

In the letter, the lawyer for Heard, 30, denies claims she “has been manipulating Johnny Depp and is now blackmailing him by telling about his domestic abuse,” and demands the story be retracted from TheWrap.

On May 23, Heard filed a divorce petition citing irreconcilable differences and asking for spousal support from Depp, 52. Then on Friday, Heard alleged in court papers that she was abused by her husband throughout their four-year relationship and 15-month marriage.

Along with the abuse claims, she detailed two separate accounts when she says Depp physically abused her and provided photos of her bruised eye. “During the entirety of our relationship, Johnny has been verbally and physically abusive to me,” she claims in the documents.

On the same day Heard was granted her temporary domestic violence restraining order, Depp’s divorce attorney Laura Wasser alleged in court papers that Heard’s domestic abuse claims are financially motivated.

“Amber is attempting to secure a premature financial resolution by alleging abuse,” Wasser said in response to Heard’s claims. “Her current application for a temporary restraining order along with her financial requests appears to be in response to the negative media attention she received earlier this week after filing for divorce. Yet Johnny cannot protect himself or Amber from media scrutiny, and Amber’s anger certainly cannot drive this dissolution proceeding.”

Depp and Heard reportedly did not sign a prenup.

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