Amber Frey Child-Support Revelation

A DNA test of Frey's 4-year-old shows that the father isn't who she claimed

Amber Frey, Scott Peterson’s mistress at the time he murdered his wife Laci and their unborn child, has been accused of deliberately lying about the paternity of her 4-year-old daughter, according to reports.

Despite Frey’s earlier assertions that the father was 29-year-old Anthony D. Flores, of Fresno, Calif., a Madera County Court ruled otherwise on Monday, and Flores no longer has to pay child support.

The real dad, according to a July DNA test accepted by Commissioner Nancy Staggs, is Christopher B. Funch – the owner of a Fresno bar named Porky’s.

Speaking on behalf of Funch, an employee of Porky’s tells New York’s Daily News: “He’s got no comment. He’s trying to stay away from you guys.”

Frey, who was in the courtroom Monday, had no comment. As for Flores, he told PEOPLE: “I can’t believe that Amber and her attorney would not have the decency to apologize for what they’ve done to me,” adding that he was paying $567 a month in support.

Flores, however, told the Fresno Bee that the court matter wasn’t because of financial concerns – “I’m not a money chaser,” he insisted – but because he felt “angry and betrayed” by references to him in Frey’s book, Amber Frey: Witness for the Prosecution of Scott Peterson.

“I feel foolish and I feel betrayed,” Flores said. “I otherwise feel I was being cheated on. She was very convincing when she told me I was the only person who could be the father.

“That’s four years of my life thinking I was the father … and Amber made it very difficult during the whole time to have any kind of relationship or visitation,” Flores added, according to KFSN-TV.

In Los Angeles, lawyer Gloria Allred, who represented Frey during her testimony against Peterson (and was at Frey’s side during her book promotion tour), defended Frey, even though the former massage therapist was not Allred’s client for the paternity trial.

“Amber in good faith always believed that Mr. Flores was her child’s father,” Allred told PEOPLE. “Upon discovery that Mr. Flores was not the father of her child, she immediately proceeded to do the right thing, which was to make a motion to set aside the judgment of paternity. The motion was not contested by Mr. Flores.”

As for Frey’s child, Allred told PEOPLE that the real father has “happily acknowledged paternity….Amber is looking forward to this new and more positive chapter in her child’s life.”

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