In which grousing about Prime Day is actually more fun than shopping Prime Day

By Alex Heigl
July 15, 2015 10:00 AM

Amazon’s Prime Day – a series of Black Friday-esque deals offered only to subscribers of Amazon’s higher-tier service, Amazon Prime – is July 15.

Twitter is not thrilled with Prime Day.

The overwhelming tone of reaction on the social media platform seems to be one of disappointment.

Things are getting rough when people compare your special deals to the second season of True Detective. We get the world we deserve.

And take it from an official Internet Expert: When someone invokes the Tyra Banks yelling GIF, something is seriously wrong.

Apparently there are great deals on cat-calming collars, though!

You guys hear that? That’s the sound of the entire Internet saying “womp womp” at the same time.

This one’s a little harsh, though. Don’t dredge up painful memories.

So what did we learn?

An Amazon spokesperson offered the following comment: “Prime Day peak order rates have already surpassed 2014 Black Friday. Prime members have bought tens of thousands of Fire TV Sticks, 35,000 Lord of the Rings Blu-Ray sets, 28,000 Rubbermaid sets, and 4,000 Echos in 15 minutes.”

“The Kate Spade purse was gone in less than a minute. The 1.2K of $999 TVs sold out in less than 10 minutes and there are thousands more deals coming. New deals start every ten minutes until late tonight.”

So there you have it.