The Youtube style guru releases her first compilation album, Gateway, this week

By Lydia Price
Updated October 30, 2015 10:00 AM
Courtesy Heard Well

Amanda Steele is venturing into uncharted territory.

The beauty and fashion master, known as MakeupbyMandy24 on her YouTube channel, is releasing her very first curation album today on Connor Franta’s label Heard Well.

Steele promises PEOPLE that the album, titled Gateway, will serve up “something you’re not used to.” She adds that the 12 rap, hip-hop, electronic and R&B tracks on the collection contain “a bunch of things that will surprise” her fans.

The name Gateway is a nod to the 16-year-old starlet’s online roots and was inspired by a common error code (that we’re all probably way too familiar with) that pops up on wayward computer screens.

Although Steele is branching out more and more with design endeavors and hopes to pursue an acting career, she explains to PEOPLE that her in-person persona is much more reserved than you might expect.

“I remember when I first started high school, when I went to a public school, everyone was so weirded out because they knew me from my YouTube videos and they expected me to be all happy, energetic, just outgoing and bubbly all the time,” she says.

“But I was really just shy and nervous about starting a new school and I didn’t talk very much, so everyone was just so confused.”

It may have thrown off her classmates, but Steele thinks a more low-key off-camera personality is common among online stars, including her Heard Well colleague Franta.

“He’s really amazing,” she says about her fellow YouTuber. “He’s a little bit more shy in person, too.”

“I think a lot of people that are YouTubers or social media influencers, because we decided that we were going to be spending our time online instead of out talking to people, we’re just naturally more quiet, introverted people,” she adds.

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But Steele admits she’s taking notes from one YouTube sensation who we doubt has ever been accused of shyness.

“I’m really admiring Tyler Oakley right now because he just released his book and it’s so awesome,” Steele says. “I feel like he just works so hard and is so successful, so I’m definitely looking up to him.”

Gateway is available now on iTunes and Google Play.