The actress also cops to having a crush on ... Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Credit: Courtesy Self Magazine

Amanda Peet is currently starring in a blockbuster movie (2010), has a talented husband (screenwriter David Benioff), an adorable daughter, and looks that land her on the cover of magazines.

So what more could she want?

“I want boobs, a gentle six-pack and a perky butt,” the actress, 37, tells the December issue of Self.

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In fact, she even has a specific woman’s figure in mind. “If I could choose an ideal body, I d take Gisele Bündchen s,” says Peet. “I challenge anyone to say she wouldn t want Gisele s body, deep down.”

She then adds, “Actually, I d take a number of people s bodies. I d take Jennifer Aniston s, too.”

Still, when it comes to her keeping herself in shape, Peet doesn’t obsess. “To me staying healthy means doing everything in moderation,” she tells the magazine. “Eat a lot of greens, but in moderation. Exercise, but in moderation. Drink wine, but in moderation. Sleep as much as you can. And have people around you who are very funny.”

Peet gets plenty of laughs during date nights with Benioff. Typically, the pair stay home, order in food, and watch TV shows including South Park, Seinfeld, and The New Adventures of Old Christine.

“I m obsessed with Julia Louis-Dreyfus,” she admits. “If she knew how much she was in my household late at night or in the wee hours of the morning, she might be disturbed! David and I both have a crush on her.”