Amanda Bynes Released from Psychiatric Facility

The troubled actress was seen walking down the Sunset Strip on Thursday night

Photo: Vladimir Labissiere/Splash News Online

Amanda Bynes has been released from a psychiatric facility – and friends are worried about her.

Three days after a judge ruled that she needed to spend at least another month in the facility, Bynes asked to be released Thursday and was set free, according to TMZ.

The troubled actress, 28, was seen roaming the Sunset Strip on Thursday night wearing a dark coat and large sunglasses. She had dinner at a diner on Sunset Boulevard and was looking for a hotel where she could spend the night.

According to TMZ, Bynes was released following a mandatory hearing at the psychiatric facility in which she was allowed to contest her involuntary treatment. Such hearings must be held within four days after a patient is placed on a 30-day involuntary psychiatric hold, which was ordered for Bynes on Monday. A hearing officer reportedly deemed Bynes to be stable enough that she couldn’t be held involuntarily.

Friends are “worried” about the troubled actress, a source tells PEOPLE.

Bynes’s mother Lynn was granted a temporary conservatorship last week over Amanda, which gives her control over her daughter’s medical and financial decisions, though not her psychiatric treatment.

In papers, Lynn cited Amanda’s recent string of bizarre behavior in New York (reportedly attempting to shoplift, allegedly scratching a woman inside a nightclub and being kicked out of John F. Kennedy International Airport) and exorbitant spending as evidence that she “poses a substantial risk to herself, to others, and to property.”

But “no psychiatric powers are given in probate conservatorship,” explains Terry Wasserman, a Los Angeles lawyer who specializes in mental health. A conservator “can make overall decisions regarding health and welfare,” but pyschiatric treatment must happen “under the mental health civil commitment system.”

Bynes first entered a facility on Oct. 10. Her hold was extended for two weeks on Oct. 13.

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