Clooney appeared on Meet the Press on Sunday

By Maria Mercedes Lara
Updated January 17, 2016 09:05 AM
NBC News' Meet the Press // Chuck Todd

Amal Clooney continued her public campaign for her client, the imprisoned former president of the Maldives, on Sunday when she made an appearance on Meet the Press for a special interview with host Chuck Todd.

While the interview mostly focused on Clooney’s reasons for defending Mohamed Nasheed, who was charged with terrorism and sentenced to 13 years in prison, Todd also asked Clooney about the recent public attack that Maldives politicians have launched against the human rights lawyer after she took on Nasheed.

Last year, after Clooney took on the case, a politician in the Maldives publicly criticized her, saying she was “making things up” about the country, according to Todd. However, Clooney revealed that the same man is now in jail because, she says, the current president “is now increasingly paranoid and going after members of his own party, having dealt with the opposition in its entirety.”

According to Clooney, the same man is now saying that “it’s impossible to get a fair trail” in the country, which is the root of her complaint with Nasheed.

When Todd asked if she felt that being the wife of George Clooney put her in more danger, Clooney said that she wasn’t concerned about criticism and instead saw her new public profile as a way to draw more attention to her causes.

“I think that the kind of attack that I got from that vice president is an act of desperation, and it’s easy to dispose of,” she said. ” So it’s not something that’s worrying. I think, on the other hand, in representing this client and trying to just procure his release and the release of other political prisoners, if people are made aware of the situation in the Maldives, I think that’s a good thing.”

Clooney also added that Richard Branson had said he wouldn’t visit the tony vacation spot until Nasheed is released and refusing to send people there through Virgin Holidays.

“If you’re a woman lying on a beach in the Maldives, you might want to know that a kilometer away another woman is being flogged,” Clooney said. “And you might want to find your own way to protest that.”

Now, Clooney is hoping to gather inter nation support help free Nasheed. The hard-working lawyer also revealed that she has recently taken on a case representing a female journalist in Azerbaijain who has been imprisoned after, according to Clooney, she “exposed evidence of corruption by the ruling regime.”