'Ally' Smacked on the Kisser

“Ally McBeal” is hot in Singapore — too hot, in fact. The Pacific Rim country, where “Ally” is a big hit, has banned the episode featuring Ally (Calista Flockhart) going out on a date with Ling Woo (Lucy Liu) and ending up in a liplock. “The entire episode centers around alternative sexual explorations,” the Television Corporation of Singapore said Monday. “As a responsible broadcaster, we are very careful to monitor and take action against overtly sexy or alternative themes.” The episode aired in America in November and gave “Ally” its all-time best ratings. In other “Ally” news, Gil Bellows, 32, who plays Billy, is working with producer David E. Kelley to finesse his exit (which the actor requested) from the show. Last week, Billy was told he had a brain tumor. On last night’s show, he died while trying a case. But that wasn’t the end of Billy. Later in the program he resurfaced as a ghost. According to published reports, he’ll be back for some episodes next season, too.

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