Allison Janney Says Anna Faris is 'Getting Through' Chris Pratt Split: 'She Comes to Work with a Smile on Her Face'

Allison Janney gave an update on how Anna Faris is doing after her split from Chris Pratt

Allison Janney has nothing but praise for Anna Faris following the news of her recent separation.

The actress, 57, gave an update on her Mom costar after her split from Chris Pratt and said that Faris is making it through the breakup and going to work with a smile on her face.

“She just is a trooper. She comes to work with a smile on her face,” Janney told E! News. “She’s a professional. I love her to death. Her private life she keeps pretty much to herself. She comes to work and gets the job done. She’s got a big smile on her face and she’s getting through it.”

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Faris and Janney on Mom

Janney and Faris, 40, are currently filming the fifth season of their hit CBS comedy on which they play mother and daughter. Janney added that the cast and crew are helping Faris through the hard time.

“We’re all very supportive of her and love her and feel badly for both of them. We love them both,” she said. “They’re such great people.”

Pratt, 38, previously appeared on the CBS sitcom where he seduced Faris’ character, giving viewers a chance to watch the former couple and frequent collaborators in action again.

The two announced their separation in a joint statement after eight years of marriage. They have one child together, 5-year-old Jack.

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