Alli Sims: Britney Spears 'Will Be Fine'

"She's hanging in there. I'm not worried," says the singer's longtime friend

As Britney Spears‘s confidants are being deposed in her child custody case, Alli Sims says Spears is maintaining a positive outlook.

“She does seem happy,” Sims told PEOPLE at Saturday’s Hugo Boss/Glamour Studio Glam suite, of Spears, 26. “I’m sure obviously she’s going through some things, and a lot, right now. That definitely gets to you.

“I’m not saying that everything is fine,” Sims, 26, says. “Obviously, she’s worried about stuff, like we all are. She’s hanging in there. I’m not worried. She’ll get back. She’ll be fine.”

Sims, who has been away from L.A. traveling, is moving into a new apartment in the Brentwood section of the city. She and Spears talk regularly, Sims says.

“I talked to her today, she’s doing good,” Sims explains. “I love her to death. She’s a sweetheart. … We have never had a fight. It’s so funny, because you’re off visiting friends and you’re not here, by her side, they’re like you’re fighting. That’s not true at all.”

Adds Sims, “I’ll probably see her this week.”

Last week, Spears’ paparazzo-turned-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib gave interviews to Entertainment Tonight and The Insider about his personal relationship with Spears. Sims, who has said she does not like Ghalib, has not seen the interview, she says, but that friends told her about it.

“He’s been around, what, three weeks?” Sims tells PEOPLE. “I heard about it just from friends who watched it. I don’t really see the point of that. … I only know him from him following us around for eight months. I don’t personally know him. But I don’t like that vibe.”

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