Alleged Tiger Mistress Angry About His Other Women

Rachel Uchitel was "very into" the golf great, says a source

Photo: Patrick McMullan/Sipa

Rachel Uchitel, the Manhattan nightclub hostess linked to Tiger Woods, was none too happy when she first heard about other women whom the golf great may have been seeing.

According to a friend, “Rachel was mad at Tiger when she found out about the other girls and did not speak to him for three days, but he texted her… She is telling friends that he doesn’t blame her for this all getting out.”

Angry or not, Uchitel wasn’t naïve about dating a celebrity. “She was going out with other guys while she was with Tiger,” says the source. “There wasn’t a huge loyalty with it.”

However, adds the source, “Rachel has strong feelings for Tiger. She was very into him – much more than other famous guys she was into. She started out for sport and then they clicked.”

While Uchitel has publicly denied an affair with Woods, that wasn’t the case in private. “She went from initially not denying it to vehemently denying it,” says the source. “At first she was nonchalant about it. She was running around telling everyone… Everyone who knows her, knows about this.”

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