By Stephen M. Silverman And Victoria Brett
November 19, 2003 10:04 AM

In a plot that sounds like it comes from one of his bestsellers, horror author Stephen King was allegedly stalked by a man who claimed he just wanted to talk to him.

PEOPLE reports that Bretislav Bures, 38, who now resides in Austell, Ga., appeared in Bangor, Maine, District Court Monday and pleaded not guilty to stalking.

Bures, an illegal immigrant from the Czech Republic, was arrested Sunday outside King’s Victorian mansion Bangor, after allegedly leaving two notes in King’s mailbox last week saying he wanted to talk with him. The court records show that one of the notes read: “HELP ME MY DEAR KING, please! Bretislav Bures. I am driving time to time around your house. I am Czech so you can put a flag on house to invite me.”

According to court records, King’s wife, Tabitha, saw the man outside the house about noon on Sunday. She told her husband, who went outside to see what he wanted. Bures said he wanted to talk to King and suggested they go inside because it would take some time, which prompted King to tell Bures to leave — or else King would call the police.

“Stephen said he was fearful of this man so much so that when he came back into the house, he went upstairs and loaded his handgun,” according to the police report filed by Officer Butch Moor.

The officer explained the criminal trespass statute and Bures was arrested after he repeatedly declined to leave the area. Bures, who is currently being held at the Cumberland County Jail in Portland, is scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 18 — but he likely won’t make the date.

He is in the custody Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and will be transferred to either Boston or Hartford for deportation proceedings, according to local news reports.