All of the Drama From Hannah B.'s Season of 'The Bachelorette'

In the words of Chris Harrison on literally every season of The Bachelor/ette ever, "It was the most dramatic season yet." But could he be right about this one?

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The Guy Who Had a Girlfriend Literally Days Before Going on the Show

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Hannah’s first taste of drama came from the very first episode of the season. Her pal, Demi Burnett (who appeared with Hannah on Colton’s season of The Bachelor), told her that one of the contests, Scott, had a girlfriend right before entering the mansion. Hannah immediately pulled Scott aside and gave him a piece of her mind. “I know you were nervous coming in today,” she said before going in for the kill: “It might be because you have a girlfriend!” Hannah Beast jumped out and told Scott to GTFO.

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Cam Crashed a Group Date and TBH, It was Uncomfortable for All Involved

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Before there was Luke P. stirring the pot, there was Cam. Oh, Cam. He was so blissfully clueless while also somehow very aware of how he was coming off.

When he didn’t get a group date with Hannah, he decided to take things into his own hands, telling the camera, “I’m about to basically barge in on this group date that I wasn’t invited to.” Even knowing that he was crashing the date, he still acted totally shocked when the other guys were annoyed. He was just living by his motto: “ABC: Always Be Cam.”

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And Then When He Got a Taste of His Own Medicine, He Lost His Marbles

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Cam didn’t stop interrupting, even when it was super clear that Mike and Hannah were having a very emotional moment, he wouldn’t quit. But when the tables turned and he got interrupted by Jonathan, Cam was flabbergasted. “There’s a difference between being bold and being charismatic and romantic versus being a little physical, overpowering, insecure chihuahua,” he told fan favorite John Paul Jones. Cue one very awkward conversation.

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Luke P. Literally Body Checked Luke S. at a Rugby Game…

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Hannah had the men play a rousing game of rugby on a group date, which went about as well as you think it might. Luke P. was (as predicted by the guys) extremely aggressive, eventually fully laying out Luke S., who had just finished predicting that Luke P. was “the kind of guy who might--god forbid--hurt someone."

Hannah didn’t see the hit happen (you can, however, if you skip to 5:27 in this video), and so it immediately became one Luke’s word against the others.

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And Then Lied to Hannah About It…

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Tensions were running high in the house after the rugby match, as the men realized that Luke P. had no problem lying about his part in the altercation. He also had no problem telling Hannah that Luke S. wasn’t there for the right reasons.

What followed was a master class in manipulation. Luke S. told Luke P. that he needed to 'fess up, and Luke P. actually seemed remorseful. He wasn't, though: Luke P. just went to Hannah and told her that Luke S. begged him to clear his name. It was…a lot.

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And All of the Drama Made Luke S. Leave

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Even with all of the other men telling Hannah the truth of the matter, she couldn’t quite let Luke P. go. So instead of letting Luke P. smear his name, Luke S. simply decided to leave in the middle of a rose ceremony telling Hannah to “be wary” and “keep your eyes open.”

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Hannah Addresses the Elephant In the Room: 'I’m Aware of Some of the S--- He’s Done'

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Annoyed by all the Luke-related drama, Hannah got emotional and ended up telling the men to “Stay in your freaking lane,” before stomping off, only to return after chugging her champagne to cancel the rose ceremony.

Before she did, though, she made sure to tell them that their focus on Luke(s) was ruining her time with them. She asserted, “I’m a grown a-- woman and I can decide if I want to spend my time figuring all this out or if I don’t.”

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Who’s Full of Bologna?

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The remaining Luke wasn’t happy to hear that Garrett went naked bungee jumping with Hannah, and he made it clear that he felt personally jilted. "Her body is her temple and to expose it to anyone who isn't her was a slap in my face," Luke said. But when Garrett confronted him about it and called him a weasel, psychopath and snake, Luke lost it. He got in Garrett’s face and picked up a…pile of bologna?

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Meat the Men

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He threw the lunchmeat onto Garrett’s lap and said, “This is a pile of bologna. That’s what you’ve been saying to me and I’m tired of it.” Garrett responded, “It’s funny you picked up bologna, because that’s what exactly what you are, man.”

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Jed's Family Clearly Weren't Into Hannah & Jed's Relationship

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This was awkward to watch. On her hometown date with Jed, Hannah was confronted with the reality that Jed may not be ready to get married. Where would she ever get that idea? From his mother and sister, of course!

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Luke Shames Hannah for Having Sex in the Fantasy Suites

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On the night of their fantasy suite date, Luke and Hannah had a heated argument about premarital sex, with Luke declaring to Hannah, "If you told me you’re going to have sex or you had sex with one or multiple of these guys, I would be wanting to go home, 100 percent.”

Rightfully outraged, Hannah told Luke that her husband “would never say what you’ve said to me." She also lets him know, “I have had sex. And honestly, Jesus still loves me.” As if that wasn't enough, she also ended up confessing to having sex in a windmill with another contestant...twice. Turns out that contestant was Peter, and it was actually four times.

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Hannah 'Rose' to the Occasion

Hannah Brown And Luke
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If Luke wouldn't leave, Hannah was going to make him. In what was perhaps the most iconic and satisfying moment of the season, Hannah decided that, if Luke's wasn't going to get out of her way and let her have her rose ceremony, she would move the dang rose stand herself and carry on without him.

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Ugh, Then We Found Out Jed Wyatt Allegedly Had a Girlfriend When He Went on the Show

Hannah Brown/
Hannah Brown/ Instagram

Wyatt was allegedly four months into a relationship when he decided to go on The Bachelorette. His girlfriend, Haley Stevens, told PEOPLE, "He told me [the show] was just an obstacle and we’d be stronger on the other side because of it," and that "He only did it for his career." We haven't seen the drama play out on the air, but judging by how Hannah treated Scott in episode one when she found out he had a girlfriend, we're guessing that After the Final Rose will be very interesting.

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Peter ALSO Allegedly Had a Girlfriend?!

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Not you, too, Pilot Pete! Peter also allegedly had a girlfriend before coming on the show, though he clarified to PEOPLE that their relationship was over long before he applied to go after Hannah's heart.

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