Man Films Himself Singing 'All by Myself' Alone in Las Vegas Airport (VIDEO)

Richard Dunn's video has gone viral this week

Photo: Courtesy Richard Dunn

It’s certainly more productive than going to Cinnabon.

Stuck in Las Vegas’s McCarran International Airport overnight, Richard Dunn decided to put his time (and space) to good use. He shot a video of himself lip-syncing to the Eric Carmen cheese-rock classic, “All by Myself” (the Celine Dion version, FYI) throughout the empty airport.

Dunn’s video, shot entirely on his iPhone, has gone viral, proving both the unsurprising durability of "All by Myself" and the surprisingly affecting nature of long, lingering shots of an empty airport.

Dunn’s haunting dissolves and transitioning shots show a real flair for music video editing. Depending on the amount of layovers in his life, he could make this a real cottage industry. Next time: Pat Benatar’s “We Belong,” during an overnight stop at LAX, perhaps?

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