By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated April 07, 2003 08:49 AM

The tribe has spoken. And a few gamblers apparently have listened.

The online betting site has stopped accepting wagers on the outcome of CBS’s “Survivor” after the gambling enterprise allegedly discovered that network employees were betting — and winning — on the Thursday night hit reality show, the Associated Press reports. claims to have found at least two CBS employees who placed money on the series’ finish, said the Costa Rica-based Web site’s spokesman, Lance Bradley. The suspicion is that the wagering workers had insider information, he said, adding, “We’re pretty sure this is the case.”

The players in question reportedly opened their accounts with BoDog prior to the premiere of “Survivor: Marquesas,” the fourth version of the show (the current “Survivor: Amazon” is sixth in the series), and had bet only on that show and nothing else.

Bradley said they accurately bet on the final two contestants in both the fourth and fifth versions of “Survivor.” The largest payoff, $8,000, came as a result of a $1,000 bet placed on the fifth “Survivor,” according to AP.

Bradley went on to say that at least two bettors have been identified as CBS employees, while other names may be connected to the network or, in fact, may even be aliases.

These bettors’ current wagers on “Survivor: Amazon” have been canceled and their money refunded, Bradley said. Regarding possible legal action that BoDog might consider, he replied: “It’s not something we’d want to pursue, as a matter of precedent.”

A CBS spokesman declined comment, including on what action, if any, might be taken against any alleged offenders.