Big weekend ahead for Alicia Silverstone: The star of “Clueless” and the recent “Love’s Labour’s Lost” (which got lost at the box office) will be named Celebrity Animal Advocate of the Year at the Animal Rights 2000 National Conference in Washington, D.C. Silverstone, 23, said she renounced eating meat only two years ago. It took so long, she told The Washington Post, “because I was greedy and really liked it. But one day I said, ‘I’m not going to do this anymore,’ so I got myself an education.” The Post said Alicia immersed herself in documentaries about the mistreatment of fauna. As for going meatless, “My skin got cleaned up, and I lost a lot of weight,” Silverstone said. “Right now I’m eating a falafel sandwich, and it’s the most delicious thing.” Yummers.