September 03, 2003 01:04 PM

“Alias” creator J.J. Abrams isn’t kidding around when it comes to translating his ABC spy drama, which he considers a “weird, twisted family drama set against the world of international espionage,” into a video game, says the Hollywood Reporter.

“As a fan of video games myself, I knew this would be an excellent video game,” Abrams, 37, told the trade paper. “So many games have used this sort of episodic adventure paradigm, from something as simple as ‘Tomb Raider’ to as dark as ‘Max Payne,’ where it’s a character you’re following.”

Not that it was a simple ride from the TV studio to the PlayStation.

“With the linear experience of television, you can structure revelation and storytelling, and you’re able to be elusive when necessary and spoon-feed when necessary,” Abrams told the Reporter.

“But how do you make an interactive experience that you control into something that delivers emotionally? And on an aesthetic level, it has to be a satisfying game-play experience if it has the ‘Alias’ name on it. I was a little nervous,” he added.

Abrams also insured that game developer Acclaim used series star Jennifer Garner and the other actors along with the writers, composer, set designers, costume designers and other members of the “Alias” team, says the Reporter.

“It had to stand on its own, but at the same time, it had to feel like an extension of the show,” Abrams stressed to the paper.

And although no due date for the game has been reported (the holiday gift-giving season is only three months away), “Alias,” which also stars Victor Garber and Michael Vartan (who is said to be series star Garner’s main squeeze), is about to start its third season this month.

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